About us

Fitness should be this fun

Introducing Upliffs, a unique fitness brand that encourages strength and positivity, and keeping a balance of healthy foods and desired sweets.

Upliffs was created to accommodate fitness-conscious people who like to exercise from anywhere. Whether it be in a fully stocked gym, a comfortable living room, or a hotel room during your travels, our products can accompany you anywhere!

Upliffs is the brainchild of Nicole and Roger, people who know how rewarding it is to get through a good workout. We want you to have that same feeling while using our products.

Moderation is key- we don't believe you have to completely cut out your comfort foods in order to live a healthy life. We bring sweetness back into exercise by introducing items that will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that’s our brightly colored fitness bands or our attention grabbing duffel bags.

Upliffs is more than a brand - it’s a lifestyle.

Be trendy, be sweet, be strong.

Behind the bands

Nicole Tabs
Chief Executive Office and Co-Founder

Co-Founder of Upliffs, Nicole is a self-confessed sweet-tooth, lover of sweet snacks and desserts. Her affinity for sweets led to her establishing the brand’s theme around sweetness. She found ways to spice up her workouts, and enjoy it like she does her dessert. Personally trained by Co-Founder Roger, she benefited from his routines with a toned physique within a year. Nicole loves to encourage women to work hard and have fun while exercising, and to treat themselves once in a while too!

Roger Tsen
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

After almost a decade in the fitness industry, Roger has made a name for himself as a personal trainer. He specializes in body transformations and sculpting aesthetic physiques by using evidence-based training techniques. Not only does he include Hollywood stars and regular Joes among his clients, but he also works with Nicole to achieve her fitness goals. As an avid foodie, his personal motto is “Work out to pig out”!

Icing to your cake

Let Upliffs be the topper to your workouts!