Upliffs Cake Band Set

Made from polyester and silk, these bands will stay in place while you exercise. All available in one sweet package - these bands can't be bought individually. That way, it's easy for you to maintain your progress!



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I can take these resistance bands anywhere with me, from the gym to my living room! I can exercise from anywhere with them!

Victoria Jones

The Upliffs resistance bands are a must-buy - it's a worthwhile investment if you love fitness.

Stella Smith

Upliffs has changed my whole workout routine! It's made exercise more fun and enjoyable!

Branda Watts

Thanks to Upliffs, I have developed more tone in my thighs. I never exercise without my Upliffs resistance bands - they make my workouts complete!

Zoe Nelson

The fresh flavor of vigor

From easy to hard, choose the level of resistance that suits you best.